7 Significant Email Tracking Software Advantages for Your Business

In today’s modern era, the number of email users is increasing at a rapid rate. Businesses are increasingly leveraging email marketing to attract leads and improve sales, but only sending emails to your prospects for sales purposes is not enough. It is critical that you get accurate information about whether recipients received your email? Was it opened or deleted? Were the links in your email clicked? That is where email tracking software comes in.

Email tracking software is a powerful solution that provides insight into the performance of your sent emails. With enhanced email tracking software, you can receive notifications when your email is opened, discover when the attachment in the email is viewed or downloaded, and when the links are clicked.

Unlike traditional email systems, email tracking software helps you generate critical data. This collected data gives your business an edge over others in the exceedingly competitive email marketing industry. 

Businesses are rightly understanding the importance of email tracking as it proves to be overwhelmingly beneficial for them. Statistics state that 99 percent of all emails businesses send are already being tracked. This perfectly illustrates businesses’ strong reliance on email tracking software. 

Your team can leverage various email tracking software like Agile CRM, Mailtrack, Bananatag, Yesware, etc.

As you are now familiar with the concept, let us shed some light on the seven advantages of leveraging your business’s email tracking software.

  • Saves Time

reduce lead response time

Time is a critical aspect of every business. As a business owner, you can understand the importance of leveraging a speedy and effective approach towards every operation. Email tracking software helps you generate valuable insights and allows you to create content that resonates with the preferences of your customers and prospects. 

For example, email tracking software lets you know when your emails are opened. With the help of this information, you can send emails that align with their schedule. Sending emails at the appropriate time and day and with the right content helps you skyrocket your open rates and increases conversions.

  • Reduces Costs

reduce your email marketing costs

Email tracking software is an excellent one-time investment. It allows salespeople and marketers to keep records of your customers’ and prospects’ interactions with your emails and streamlines the follow-up process.

Similarly, efficient email marketing software improves your team’s productivity as it lets them concentrate on their tasks without distractions. They need to use the right tool while sending emails and all the critical information is generated and stored automatically.

For example, your team need not work on additional tools apart from email tracking software to get actionable insights. It significantly reduces cost and helps your team to be on top of their work.

  • Easily Identifies Prospects

With enhanced email tracking software, you can quickly identify where a prospect is in the sales cycle. You can create email content according to their choices and preferences to make it more effective and attract your targeted prospects.

The software also helps in segmenting prospects into different categories. Your team can attach tags to your prospects and prioritize them according to those tags and segmented lists.

For example, full-fledged CRM software involves lead scoring facilities. It allows your team to score leads according to their activity. The data received from email tracking software provides your team insights on whether your leads are opening your emails and downloading attachments.

It helps your team to segment leads into various channels and focus on the sales-ready leads.

  • Allows you to see valuable metrics

Leveraging email tracking software helps your team generate and see valuable metrics. Your team can use this critical information to tweak your email content or your entire email marketing strategy.

For example, it provides you with hard bounce rates, which enables you to determine the rate of emails not opened due to technical reasons [email ID does not exist anymore or wrong email ID]. You can then update your email list accordingly to generate better results.

  • It Helps you Create Customized Responses

As described earlier, email tracking software delivers automated notifications when your email is opened. You can leverage this information to create automated responses for a particular category of emails. You can use automation tools to assign your customized responses once you receive notification about your email’s performance.

For example, let us say your prospect is not opening emails that contain a video attachment but is more interested in emails that describe services that your business offers. Knowing this information, you can customize a response to the content that the prospect expects and send follow-up emails to continue the sales conversation.

  • Improves Team Productivity

email marketing to increase your productivity

Effective email tracking software also helps improve the performance of your team. Team supervisors and managers do not have enough time to do a performance review for every team member. But with email tracking software, team supervisors can easily track the performance of every team member.

For example, a team supervisor can track how many client responses to an email sent by a specified team member have been recorded.

In this way, email tracking software helps your team track and improve their productivity to make the most of your email marketing strategy.

  • Helps you build an email marketing strategy that delivers

You need critical information in hand to build an email marketing strategy that produces results. Email tracking software provides that information. You can create content that meets the needs and preferences of your prospects.

Receiving in-depth delivery reports enables you to understand what your prospects need to continue an ongoing sales conversation. This detailed information allows your business to define your next strategy and maintain a competitive edge. Your company can’t grow without making data-driven decisions, and email tracking software provides the data and insight to do so.

For example, collecting the critical data from the email tracking software helps your team understand when your leads are opening emails, what they are clicking on and what content they expect. Considering this valuable information, your team can build an effective email marketing strategy that offers excellent results.


Writing emails, especially cold emails and sales pitches, becomes quite a tedious task if you do not know what exactly you want to serve to your prospects. An automated email tracking software solution helps you gather valuable information that improves engagement, facilitates better communication, and collects insights into how your emails perform. With the help of this critical data, your business can develop a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship with prospects and customers.

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