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Impress your readers with Innovative email marketing strategies that promote your products or services with personalized messages to your target group. Build valuable customer relationships with follow-up emails and retain customers like never before

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Campaign planning

Juggling between multiple emails before you hit send? Plan, strategize and execute multiple email campaigns to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Talk to our experts to draft the perfect plan for your email marketing campaigns.

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Email Content Writing

The details make all the difference. Boost email open rates with catchy subject lines that ensure your emails stand out in a crowded inbox. Emails should typically achieve 3 objectives:

  • Successfully hold the reader's attention
  • Genuinely address the concern with authenticity
  • Make the readers feel valued with personalized details
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Email Templates

Be it a promotional email or a holiday campaign, text in your message and hit the send button with the help of our latest email templates. Make your own or choose from a wide variety of existing email templates to quickly draft an email. Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop options help you create beautiful templates in less than minutes.

email templates
email campaign management

Campaign setups & Automation

Effortlessly send emails with state-of-the-art email automation techniques. Set up triggers to automate email campaigns and relax while your emails do the selling for you. For example, automate welcome emails every time a new reader subscribes to your emails.

Dashboard and Reports

Leverage advanced dashboards that help you track the current status of all your emails. Constantly monitor and supervise crucial email metrics such as email open rates, clickthrough rates, email sharing, and bounce rates, etc. Download daily, weekly and monthly reports to constantly review and revise your email marketing strategy.

custom dashboard and analysis
a/b testing tools

A/B Testing

Play around with emails via A/B testing and get hands-on experience in choosing which email works best for you. Maximize email responses and meet your objectives by selecting the most effective email through A/B testing.

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We use strategic approaches to provide our clients with high-end services that ensure superior customer satisfaction.

Reduce Costs

Markteer works as independent contractors, so you eliminate the need for payroll taxes and recurring costs of having full-time employees. Markteer already have the essential digital marketing tools, so you won’t need to spend on them.

Global Experts

Get access to a team of experienced and qualified experts by working with Markteer. The benefit here is that our experts have worked on similar projects in the past. So, you don’t expect to cough up for costly services to leverage their expertise.

Scalable Service

Scalable Service One thing that makes a Markteer your best bet for online growth is their scalability. Markteer accommodates your needs as your business grows. Markteer offers several plans and packages that best suit your business size.

Measurable Results

Measurable Results Markteer helps by determining the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These indicators help to figure out how your marketing campaigns are performing in relation to your objectives. Markteer offers clear insights into how your keywords are performing and how potential customers are engaging with your content and brand.

Relevant to Industry

The onus of industry-relevant marketing practices is in Markteer. Markteer is tasked to research on your market and identify your competition. Plus, Markteer follows the latest developments in digital marketing to ensure quantifiable results.

New Ideas

Markteer will give you great ideas on what techniques will give you results. Markteer provides a new perspective to some of the things that your team had already been doing. Markteer will help you know where your target audience is mostly available. Markteer also determines what content appeal to the most and how they share and consume it.

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How to get more responses to your emails

  • Draft personalized subject lines
  • Keep your emails short and crisp
  • Address the reader in your bulk emails
  • Do not send irrelevant emails
  • Time your emails right
  • Make sure your emails are mobile responsive

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