How to Lead the Real Estate Marketing with Social Media

Buying and selling a house involves well-informed financial and emotional decision-making. Often people have lots of concerns and doubts regarding real estate property. Social media is a great way to open a dialogue, share advice, and establish trust with potential clients through regular interaction and engagement.

Approximately 90% of real-estate brands reach social media to cultivate a network between industries and prospective buyers.

The real estate market relies on professional real estate agencies to support and guide buyers to navigate the complexities of property ownership.

According to Ryan Tombul, Nashville Realtor, J.D., “Social media doubles as an avenue for free marketing that allows agents to supplement exposure for listings within their network and beyond.”

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing strategies win potential leads and build trust in real estate brands for people to identify and engage with the brand. 

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 47% of real estate businesses rely on social media to generate the highest quality leads compared to other sources! 

Most social media channels are free, and even paid promotions are cost-effective for expanding your reach and gaining quality leads. Social media advertising for real estate allows you to promote your post to specific geographies and areas of interest with well-thought-out social media marketing strategies.

Circulate your listing on all social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and even LinkedIn to maintain consistency across all social media platforms.

Before jumping to social media posts:

  1. Identify your audience base and needs. 
  2. Research your audience base, age group, interests, and demographics and classify them into different groups. 
  3. Design relevant posts that engage your audiences and give an understanding of your property listing. 

Focus on Meta Ads to gain Visibility

While there are multiple avenues for social media marketing for real estate, you track where most people are attracted to your posts. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are some of the vast approaching and accessible venues for real estate business. 

An efficient real estate agency can maximize leads organically via Facebook ads.

Facebook is one of the dominant platforms where many home seekers usually hang out. Effective social media strategy and a unique Facebook marketing skillset can let your personality shine across the post. You can add listings, video shoots for interior and exterior views, building layouts, interiors, and other engaging stuff to connect with responsive leads.

Target-based marketing through Facebook ads, video ads, and Instagram posts brings new people to your page and expands your brand’s organic reach. Keywords and hashtags popularise your brand and grow your audience base.

Reach is calculated in Facebook through data sampling, which benchmarks your performance and gives accurate vital metrics that determine the ad’s reach and per ad impression. 

Ads reach, and impression are valuable metrics to measure the effectiveness of Facebook ads. Though if you want to gain visibility and expand brand awareness, ad reach is more important for measuring the success of the campaigns. 

Create highly-focused Facebook ads and engage people through comments and sharing. Client testimonials and reviews are another effective digital strategy for content marketing that gains people’s trust immediately. Moreover, you don’t need social proof for the testimonials.

Facebook ads are a proven lead generation strategy, but you must track the Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per thousand impressions (CPM) rate to ensure ad-level engagement. 

Besides, ad frequency, impression, the amount spent on individual ads, etc., could be time-consuming to analyze; However, all these metrics give you in-depth insights for gaining more Visibility. 

Benefits of Social Media for Real Estate

Social media are great places to engage with fans and followers. 

Statistically, every real estate audience is already on social media because there are n 3.78 billion social media users around the globe. Your property listing presence in social media can generate warm leads for your business. Your consistent engagement in social media can create brand awareness and build trust audience’s trust in your brand. 

Identify Buyer Persona

Research your home buyers’ organizational or personal circumstances and make them invest their capital and time in your property listing. Create buyer’s personae based on a combination of characteristics, including personal aspects (married/single), professional aspects (income/expenses), interests, age, gender, location, demographics, and concerns, and segment them into different grouping.

This will offer more insights from the buyer’s perspective, and you can target them with appropriate ad campaigns. You can reach your ideal buyers with basic demographic statics and promote the property you have listed for that specific group profile. 

The Facebook business offers page analytics that allows you to analyze audience engagement with type of content. You can narrow down your target group, add value to your content for individual groups, and promote your posts. 

Video Marketing

The real Estate world is inherently visual. Videos are a great medium to entice and engage with your audiences with a walkthrough of property, property photos, and virtual home tours. Facebook and Instagram offer live video features and share testimonials and success stories to establish legitimacy and credibility with your audiences. 

Video marketing effectively engages your audiences. According to Renderforest Survey, Video increases traffic by 51%. You can edit the video and repurpose it across multiple social media channels. 

Videos capture more value because they stay visible longer in your social media post. Highlight your offering and amenities with the property and provide a call-to-action to encourage email subscription or further information to lock them in prospective clients. 

Awareness & Engagement

Building brand awareness is crucial for a digital marketing agency after launching a product. For real estate businesses, brand recognition plays a significant role where business moves based on trust. 

The purpose is to educate and assist potential buyers through their home-buying or rental journey and builds trust and confidence in your real estate brand. Social Media is essential to widen the exposure of the real estate brand and familiarize your audiences with your expertise. It also helps them to compare and identify the unique differences among competitors.  

Videos are engaging, informative and express your brand story and product compellingly. They build brand awareness within a short time. Facebook and Instagram ads drive leads to your real estate website. Use keywords and hashtags to make your post relevant to your real estate brand and target ideal leads.

Target local potential audience

Small and medium-sized real estate businesses can showcase local housing properties and upcoming open house projects to local buyers. You can target specific demographics and convey the right message to the right people through social media. Including local keywords in hashtags in all social media posts improve brand visibility in the local market. 

Specific keyword searches target your local community and focus on building strong client relationships with informative and entertaining social media posts. SEO can significantly improve lead generation by targeting locations in property searches. 

Craft targeted ads mixed with your knowledge of the local market, local events, neighborhood hangouts, festivals, sporting events, etc. Roll out appropriate content on social media that focus on local sentiments. It personifies your business’s values and boosts clients’ engagement within a specific distance around your real estate property. 

You can also interact with your target audiences based on their spending habits, household income, location, and relationship status and cater values to your potential leads. 


Social media performances are measurable based on campaign goals. You can detrmine which social media is generating more leads, where the traffic is coming from, what strategy to implement, and so on through various matrices. 

You can track your ad performance and evaluate campaigns result. It helps you to measure the audience growth rate on social media and the impression rate on the posts. A high speed of impressions indicates people are watching the bar many times.

This way, you can track unique reach, interaction rate, social share, video completion rate, and click-through rate and determine customer satisfaction scores with your social media services. Then, at last, comes the conversion rate that directly measures the success rate of your social media marketing effort through subscription, download, or sale.

To build an effective social media strategy, create a marketing calendar, schedule your posts, and update the calendar so you can track and analyze your posts weekly if there is an auspicious occasion or holiday, craft specific content and impressive ad copies beforehand.

Final Thoughts

Social media is a free resource for engaging audiences with excellent visuals and building rapport of trust and confidence with them. You can level up your online social presence with appropriate content marketing. 

Making social media content is easy if you are well-equipped with the right digital marketing strategies that advertise your property listing with helpful tips and insights about the local and global market. 

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